The Scottish Independence Podcast 61 – Professor Ailsa McKay

Excellent and though provoking speech by one Scotland’s most prominent and respected economists.

Ailsa_McKay The 61st episode of the Scottish Independence Podcast   comes from a speech made at the Radical Independence Conference by Professor Ailsa McKay , who recently passed away.

Ailsa was recommended to me on three separate occasions as someone who I should try to get onto the show. I tried to get in touch but was obviously unaware of her illness.

Nevertheless, the aforementioned speech she made was available and I decided to put it out as an MP3 so that it might reach some people who didn’t see it there.

It’s certainly worth it.

Some of the work she did in her life is described on her Wikipedia page.

McKay was Reader in Gender and Economics until her 2011 appointment as Professor of Economics at Glasgow Caledonian University. She also served as Vice Dean of the Glasgow School for Business and Society until 2013. She specialized in gender inequalities…

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